My passion for photography started when I was 14 years old and my uncle handed me my first (Agfa) camera and tried to explain to me how to use it properly. There were no "AUTO" settings on a camera at this time.

In 1978 I immigrated with my wife Dagmar from Germany to Canada and settled in Calgary, Alberta where I pursued a career in mechanical engineering and management.
I soon discovered that Western Canada is a paradise for photographers. This discovery re-ignited my interest in photography and I used all my free time to travel through Alberta, Saskatchewan and BC to capture many beautiful images in these areas. 

In the meanwhile my passion for photography has taken me around the world. First within Canada and the USA, then to Central America and Mexico, which I have visited many times. My travels also brought me to most countries in South America, back to Africa and South East Asia. Africa has always been my favorite. In 1973 I crossed the Sahara dessert of northern Africa by bus and in 1975 I took my first safari through East Africa. In 2009 I traveled through several countries in the southern regions of the Africa and I was drawn back to this continent in 2012 when I visited East Africa again and then explored Zanzibar and Madagascar. 

But I did not forget Alberta and Western Canada. I composed many images in beautiful British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. I have taken countless images of barns, grain elevators and ghost towns throughout the region. These structures are slowly disappearing from our beautiful landscape. Many of the barns that I photographed do not exist anymore today.

In following my passion, you may find me capturing images of a barn in Alberta or a lion basking in the African sun. Most photographers believe that they have to specialize in a particular field such as portrait or landscape photography. I don’t share that believe. I chose to document and photograph what I see. People, animals, landscape and all things that surround me and that I feel are worth documenting and sharing with others. 

I am out as often as I can, "shooting" with my camera to provide you with more quality images of my surroundings.

Over the years I have collected thousands of pictures from many countries and people. My photographs are not limited to landscapes, animals and structures but they also provide the viewer with information about the different cultures and ways of life.

My earlier captures were printed on paper, followed by slides. I scanned some of these images into digital files in order to preserve them.

All my images are available for purchase or for licensing in various sizes; matted, framed, as digital copies, or on canvas to meet your requirements.

I am available to travel anywhere in the world for custom orders, provide services to NGO's at cost only and I volunteer for local non profit organizations. 


Thank you for taking the time to visit my website.

Reinhard Thomas, Photographer